Why Is My Quick Add All Girls?

Quick add tries to suggest people with similar interests based on things like your contact list, mutual friends, activity, and location.

The Snapchat algorithm tries to suggest people the app thinks you will have an interest in following but it doesn’t always get it right, this can result in you being exclusively suggested guys or girls to add.

why is my quick add all girls

Your quick add is more likely to suggest all girls if you:

  • Frequently interact with girls on the app 
  • Receive a lot of engagement from female users on your content 
  • Have more girls in your phone contacts 
  • Have lots of Snapchat friends that mostly interact with girls on the app

However, there are many factors that can influence Quick Add suggestions, these may result in random people adding you however generally they should be people who are of interest to you or you may know from elsewhere.

The following tips will help you change your quick add suggestions so they aren’t made up entirely of girls anymore.  

How To Make Quick Add Suggest Guys:

1. Allow Snapchat To Access Your Phone Contacts

It is likely that you have people in your phone contacts that you don’t have on Snapchat.

By letting Snapchat access your contacts, these people will be suggested on your quick add and will help the algorithm realise that you also want to add guys.

This can help balance out the quick add suggestions. 

You can sync your contacts by: 

  1. Open Snapchat and go to your profile.
  2. Tapping the gear icon to go to settings.
  3. Scroll through the settings until you reach the “Account Actions” heading where you should then see “contact syncing”.
  4. Click this and then check the box to sync contacts.

Once your contacts are synced you should start seeing people you know on your quick add suggestions and it should include guys as well as girls. 

2. Add More Males

Another way to encourage the algorithm to include guys on your quick add is to manually add more guys and interact more with male users. 

As adding from your quick add suggestions isn’t an option at the moment, a good place to start can be adding some of your favorite male celebrities.

..simply head over to our article on celebrities on Snapchat find some male celebs that are of interest to you and click the link to their account to add them.

This will help Snapchat realize you also want to add males, not just females. 

If you already have a few male friends you can increase your interactions by sending them snaps and viewing their stories.

Doing so will help encourage quick add to include guys. 

3. Remove Female Quick Add Suggestions

To help let Snapchat know that you don’t like that quick add is suggesting all girls you can hide the suggestions from quick add by pressing the ‘x’ next to each name. 

Pressing this ‘x’ will hide the suggestion and Snapchat’s algorithm will start to adjust and make different suggestions.

However, the change won’t be immediate so be patient and continue to remove any unwanted suggestions. 

You can see who you have hidden from quick add by going to your Snapchat profile and clicking “Add Friends”.

From here, press the three dots in the top corner and then select “Hidden from Quick Add”. This will show you a list of users you have hidden from Quick Add. 

4. Clear The Snapchat Cache

The final way to encourage a change in your Snapchat Quick Add suggestions is to clear your Snapchat Cache.

This is quick, easy to do and can help get rid of some of the data that may be causing quick add to suggest all girls. 

Follow these steps to clear your data:

  1. Open Snapchat and go to your profile 
  2. Open the settings page by pressing the gear icon in the top right 
  3. Scroll through the settings until you see the “clear cache” option
  4. Click this and then select “clear all” (iPhone users), or “continue” (Android users). 
  5. Your data will now be cleared but you need to completely close the app and then reopen it. After this, you may find your Quick Add suggestions have already changed. 

While you may see different people being suggested on your Quick Add every few days it can take a bit longer for the algorithm to update so it starts suggesting guys too.

Be patient and use the methods above to help improve the suggestions.