Why Does Snapchat Freeze Snap Scores?

Snap scores are calculated based on your activity on the app, the more snaps you send and receive the higher your snap score will go.

why is my snapscore frozen

For every unique Snap you send or receive you will get 1 point added to your Snapscore total.

If you are frequently using Snapchat then your score should be consistently growing. If you notice that your score or someone else’s score has frozen this could be due to a number of reasons:

1. High Server Loads

Snapscores can freeze due to high server loads.

High server loads are caused by high levels of traffic on the app. Abnormally high levels of traffic will mean the server will struggle to deal with all the requests made of it. Snapscores may therefore take far longer to be updated.

To check if there are any ongoing issues on the Snapchat server you can check these two places:

If this is the issue there’s not much you can do to fix it…just wait, keep your eye on the Snapchat support account for any updates and sooner or later Snapscores will be unfrozen again.

2. App Maintenance

Your Snapscore may also freeze if there is maintenance work happening on the app.

To check if this is the issue check Snapchat support on Twitter, they post there if any maintenance work is ongoing.

Simply wait, keep your eye on their Twitter support account for any updates and sooner or later everything will be resolved.

3. You Need To Update The App

If your Snapchat app is not up to date this can cause Snapscore issues due to glitches/bugs.

To update Snapchat on an Android device follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap the menu and go to My Apps & Games.
  3. Find the Snapchat app and tap ‘Update if there is an update available.

To update Snapchat on an iOS device follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store app.
  2. Tap on the Updates tab and look for Snapchat.
  3. Tap ‘Update if there is one available for Snapchat. 

4. Snapscore Abuse

Back in 2018 a technique for increasing Snapscore became popular that involved adding ‘spam’ accounts and sending them thousands of snaps all at once.

People could increase their Snapscore by 1000s in less than a day.

If you have been engaging in this sort of activity then it is not uncommon for your Snapscore to be frozen, this happens to discourage people from abusing the Snapscore system like this.

5. Internet Connectivity Issues

A simple reason why Snapscore may not be updating is due to poor internet connectivity.

If you are in an area with poor or intermittent connectivity then Snapchat may struggle to keep up with demand and your Snapscore will not be updated until you get to an area with more stable connectivity.

6. Natural Delay In Updating Snap Scores

Changes in your own Snapscore are usually immediately visible, however changes in a friend’s Snapscore can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days to appear.

If your own Snapscore is updating but a friend’s Snapscore isn’t then this is likely the issue.

7. Bugs

Coding bugs can occasionally cause Snapscores to freeze, if you’ve recently updated the app and noticed that scores have since frozen then it may be due to a bug in the code.

Typically Snapchat will quickly roll out updates to resolve things like this.

To double-check check head to Snapchat support on Twitter and ask there.

8. Security Issues

An unverified account on Reddit claiming to be a developer for Snapchat in 2020 stated that one reason Snapscores are sometimes frozen is due to stalking and privacy concerns.

If you are constantly looking at someone’s profile without messaging them then it could be possible that their score has been frozen for you due to privacy concerns.

9. Inactivity

An obvious, but often overlooked reason for a Snapscore not changing is that they simply haven’t been on Snapchat for a while.

An easy way to check this is to send a snap to someone and see if your own Snapscore increases, if it does then it is likely that the reason someone else’s score hasn’t changed is due to inactivity.

How To Unfreeze Snap Scores:

Fixing a frozen Snapscore shouldn’t require any complex hacks, simply try these:

  • Make sure the app is updated.
  • Make sure you’re in an area with good internet connectivity.
  • Check if Snapchat support has highlighted any ongoing issues.
  • ..and don’t forget to be patient, sometimes Snapscores can just take a while to be updated!