When Did BeReal Come Out?

The social media platform BeReal launched in January 2020 and gained significant popularity in 2022. 

BeReal Release Date

Developed by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, BeReal joined the social media landscape in January 2020.

The app offers a fresh perspective on social media interaction, emphasizing authenticity and real-time engagement.

BeReal was established in Jan 2020

Early Days

Following its launch in 2020, BeReal had limited visibility and a modest user base.

The app experienced slow and steady growth, gaining 10,000 users by March 2021.

It was only towards the end of the year that the unique features of this social media platform began to reach a wider audience. 

Rise to Popularity

BeReal started to surge in popularity in early 2022.

The platform’s commitment to promoting unfiltered and authentic content started to appeal to more users and by February 2022 1.1 million people had downloaded the app. 

BeReal’s distinctive feature, a daily notification prompting users to share unedited photos within a two-minute window, garnered attention and appreciation for its novelty and emphasis on real-life moments.

BeReal’s Ambassador Program

From early to mid-2022, BeReal experienced exponential growth in both user engagement and downloads.

This was due to the app’s refreshing approach to social media but was also in part thanks to its paid ambassador program

This program paid college students to use and promote BeReal on their campuses.

This strategy contributed significantly BeReal’s popularity among the younger demographic during this time. 

BeReal’s Peak Popularity Period

In July 2022, BeReal achieved a significant milestone by topping Apple’s free app list in the iOS App Store, maintaining this coveted position until September 2022. 

During this period, the app not only witnessed a surge in downloads but also received critical acclaim and recognition, including being named Apple’s iPhone App of the Year in 2022.

Recognition and Awards Received

These accolades and the sustained presence on top of app charts underscored BeReal’s peak popularity, marking it as a standout and preferred app among users during this time.

BeReal also has excellent user reviews across the app stores. These indicate just how well-received the app is and continues to be: 

  • The BeReal app on the App Store has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and 884.7K user ratings (October 2023).
  • Similarly, on the Google Play store, BeReal has a rating of 4.4 stars with 236K reviews (October 2023).

Current Status

However, by late spring 2023, there were third-party reports of a decline in BeReal’s user engagement.

According to Similarweb, BeReal’s monthly active users in the US fell from 3.7 million in November 2022 to around 3 million in August 2023. 

Despite discussions of user declines, BeReal shared on their blog that the app has over 20 million daily active users and is continuing to grow (April 2023).

Is BeReal Still Popular?

Yes, BeReal continues to be popular and widely used.

It may have fallen from the top spot on the app charts but there are many reasons BeReal is still enjoyed by the masses:

  1. Unique Features Contributing to Success

BeReal has innovative features and a user-centric approach. The two-minute posting window fosters a sense of community and urgency among users, promoting consistent engagement and interaction on the platform.

  1. Comparison with Other Platforms

BeReal’s emphasis on authenticity and immediate, unfiltered content distinguishes it from its contemporaries.

This differentiation attracts users seeking a more genuine and uncurated social media experience.

Future Prospects

Despite the recent reports of possible user decline, BeReal’s commitment to authenticity and real-time social interaction continues to hold appeal.

The app’s prospects will significantly depend on its ability to adapt to evolving user expectations and market trends, potentially expanding its user base further.

Engage with BeReal

For those seeking an authentic, engaging social media experience, BeReal offers a unique platform worth exploring.

Download the app and join a community that cherishes genuine interactions and real-life moments.

Many users find it a refreshing alternative to conventional social media platforms.