What is BeReal App?

BeReal is a social media app that emphasizes authenticity by encouraging users to share unfiltered, real-time snapshots of their daily lives. 

The app, which launched in early 2020, stands out from other platforms as it gives users a spontaneous notification about when to post and doesn’t let users apply filters, edits, or retouches to their pictures. 


Core Features of BeReal

At its heart, BeReal is about authenticity. 

  1. Spontaneous Daily Notification

Each day, the app sends users a notification at a random time.

This opens a two-minute window for them to capture a selfie and a back camera photo, showing others what they are up to.

This format ensures that moments are candid and unprepared.

  1. Reactions and Interactions on BeReal

Engaging with posts on BeReal is a unique experience.

Instead of traditional likes or comments, users can send a photo of themselves reacting or mimicking an emoji’s expression.

This adds a personal touch to reactions and helps to encourage real connections.

  1. Safety and Privacy on BeReal

Safety is an important consideration on social apps and user privacy is prioritised on BeReal.

Unlike platforms that emphasize public followers, BeReal operates on a friend-based system, ensuring that only selected groups can view posts.

This design prioritizes user privacy and reduces the risks associated with broader social media exposure.

What is the Point of BeReal?

BeReal aims to foster genuine connections by promoting unfiltered content.

BeReal works by removing the ability to edit or curate posts, therefore encouraging users to embrace authenticity and share their true selves with their friends.

What Do People Use the BeReal App For?

Primarily, users share snapshots of their daily activities, from mundane tasks to special moments.

The app serves as a platform for friends to stay updated on each other’s lives without the pressure of curating a “perfect” image.

Popularity and Growth

With over 53 million downloads as of 2022, BeReal’s unique approach has struck a chord with users.

Its rapid ascent in app store rankings is a testament to its fresh take on social media interactions.

You can download BeReal here:

The App Store (iPhones)

Google Play (Android)

Why Is BeReal So Popular?

BeReal’s popularity can be attributed to several factors that resonate with users:

  1. Authenticity Over Curation

    In contrast to platforms where users often present curated, filtered, and sometimes unrealistic versions of their lives, BeReal encourages genuine, unfiltered snapshots of daily moments.

  2. Spontaneity

    The app’s unique feature of sending random daily notifications for users to post pictures ensures that moments are spontaneous and unprepared, making them more relatable.

  3. Reduced Performance Pressure

    Without the typical metrics of likes, followers, and comments, there’s less pressure to “perform” for an audience on BeReal.

  4. Safety and Privacy

    BeReal operates on a friend-based system rather than a follower system.
    This means that posts are shared with a select group of friends, adding a layer of privacy and reducing risks. 

  5. Rapid Growth and Word of Mouth

    As with many social media trends, once a larger number of users starts talking about and joining an app, its growth can become exponential.
    This is something that has helped fuel BeReal’s popularity. 

Should You Join BeReal?

If you’re seeking a genuine social media experience that prioritizes real moments over curated content, BeReal might be the platform for you.

Its emphasis on authenticity provides a refreshing alternative to traditional platforms.

However, if you don’t like the idea of daily posting or you feel a random daily notification could be inconvenient or add pressure to the sharing experience, then BeReal may not be the best social media app for you. 

Experience Unfiltered Moments

Do you think BeReal is an app you’d enjoy?

Embrace authenticity and give it a try.

BeReal offers users a new way of connecting with friends and allows users a chance to share moments, without the filters.