What Is A BeReal?

BeReal is a unique social media platform that allows users to share unfiltered and authentic moments. 

Each day the platform randomly notifies users to take and upload a photo at a random time.

The spontaneity of this encourages users to capture real life rather than creating a heavily filtered or staged moment.

what is a bereal

Understanding BeReal

BeReal was designed with the purpose of promoting authenticity online. 

It enables users to share real, unedited snapshots of their lives, fostering a community that appreciates genuine experiences over curated realities.

When you “take a BeReal” you are simply taking a photo on the app after the “Time To BeReal” notification has come through. 

If you’re happy with the images (both the front and back cameras are activated for the photo) you can then send it to your friends. 

How BeReal Works

Understanding how BeReal works is essential for anyone looking to join this authentic community: 

The BeReal Process

Every day, users receive a notification at a random time

This alert prompts them to take and share a photo within a two-minute window. 

This process encourages spontaneity and authenticity, as users share unfiltered moments of their daily lives.

You can post after the two-minute window but your friends will know that you posted late. 

User Experience

BeReal boasts a user-friendly interface with intuitive features designed to make sharing daily snapshots seamless and enjoyable. 

It is easy for users to navigate through the platform, engage with others, and share their daily BeReals without hassle.

Taking a BeReal: What Does It Mean?

Taking a BeReal is not just about sharing a photo; it’s about contributing an honest, unfiltered moment to a community that values transparency. 

Users are encouraged to share real snapshots of their lives, fostering a space where everyone can be themselves.

Missing a BeReal

If you miss a BeReal and don’t realise it until the following day, you will simply have to wait until the new notification comes through for the new day. 

If you missed the two-minute window but realise on that same day you can just share your snapshot late. 

When sharing outside of the two-minute window, your post will have a “late” timestamp on it and your friends will be notified that your post is late too. 

Are There Any Consequences of Missing A BeReal?

No, there are no penalties when you miss a BeReal.

However, it’s worth remembering that regularly sharing images and engaging with your community on BeReal will help you be an active part of that. 

If you consistently miss BeReals it could reduce your overall engagement and enjoyment of the app. 

You may also find that late posts or infrequent posts receive less engagement from your community. 

Popularity of BeReal

BeReal has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, this is largely due to its commitment to authenticity. 

In a digital age where highlight-reel social media is the norm, many users find BeReal’s approach refreshing and much-needed.

User Experience

A lot of BeReal’s popularity can be linked to user enjoyment and word of mouth. 

The platform has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its approach to social media. 

Users often highlight the app’s focus on real, unfiltered content as its standout feature.

Take Your First BeReal Today!

Ready to embrace authenticity? 

Download BeReal, join a community of genuine individuals, and start sharing your true self today!