What Does Unblurred on BeReal Mean?

“Unblurred” on BeReal refers to a new feature that allows users to view a friend’s post without having posted one themselves.

The feature is only available to users with at least 100 friends, users who have this number of friends can unblur up to 15 posts a day without posting anything themselves.

The ‘Unblur’ Feature

The “unblur” feature is a departure from BeReal’s original design, where viewing others’ posts was contingent upon posting one’s own content.

bereal unblur feature

Now, users can view posts without sharing their own, aligning with BeReal’s efforts to stay relevant by continually introducing new functionalities.

Unblur Notifications

When a friend “unblurs” your post, you receive a subtle alert, similar to BeReal’s screenshot notifications.

This adds interaction and awareness to the viewing experience.

The Community’s Response

The “unblur” feature has been met with mixed reactions.

Many users feel it undermines BeReal’s ethos of active participation and mutual sharing, fearing a shift towards a more passive consumption model.

Is The Unblur Feature Here To Stay?

BeReal’s silence on the “unblur” feature leaves its future uncertain.

Vocal feedback from the community might influence the platform’s next steps, with some users hoping for reconsideration and others excited about new possibilities.