What Does ‘Other Snapchatters’ Mean On Snapchat?

Have you recently seen the ‘Other Snapchatters’ message on one of your stories and are just wondering what it means?

Snapchat doesn’t provide much information on it but thankfully we’ve done our research to answer all your questions..

What Does It Mean When It Says ‘Other Snapchatters’ On Snapchat?

When you get the ‘Other Snapchatters’ message appearing at the top of your story, this means that people who you don’t follow on Snapchat have viewed your story.

This happens if your privacy settings are set to allow everyone to view your stories.

How To Get Rid Of The ‘Other Snapchatters’ Message

To prevent the ‘Other Snapchatters’ message from appearing all you need to do is change who can view your story to ‘friends only’.

To do this follow these steps:

1. Open Snapchat & Tap Your Profile Icon In The Top Left


2. Tap The Settings Cog In The Top Right

This will open your Snapchat settings.

tap the settings icon on your snapchat profile

3. Open ‘View My Story’ Settings

Scroll down to the privacy control section.

‘View My Story’ is the 4th option under the privacy control heading.

4. Change To ‘Friends Only’

Once you’ve done this only your friends will be able to view your stories so you won’t get the ‘other snapchatters’ message as your stories will no longer be visible to any snapchatters outside your friend list.

Reasons For Getting The Other Snapchatters Message:

1. You Aren’t Friends On Snapchat

The most common reason for getting the ‘Other Snapchatters’ message is that you are allowing ‘everyone’ to view your story.

Other Snapchatters will consist of everyone who has viewed your story and who you have not added as a friend on the app.

2. They Have Removed You As A Friend

If a friend views your story and then removes you as a friend (but doesn’t block you), then they will appear under the ‘Other Snapchatters’ heading.

3. You Haven’t Accepted Their Friend Request Yet

If they have sent you a friend request but you haven’t yet accepted it they may well view your stories, if they do they will be included in the ‘Other Snapchatters’ section.

Why Am I Getting The ‘Other Snapchatters’ Message When My Story Is Set To Friends Only?

In early 2022 some users reported an error on the app which meant that some users were seeing friends listed under the ‘Other Snapchatters’ heading.

This seemed to be only a temporary software issue which has since been resolved when the app was updated.

However, if you notice that this is happening to you we recommend that you make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app.

Difference Between ‘+1 More’ and ‘Other Snapchatters’

What It MeansWhy?
Other SnapchattersPeople who aren’t your friends n SnapchatYour settings allow ‘Everyone’ to view your story.
+1 MoreSomeone whose profile you cannot viewThe most likely cause of this is that they have blocked you after viewing your story.

Other Snapchatters are people who you are not friends with, you should be able to see the names of the ‘other snapchatters’.

When it says ‘+ 1 More’ (or +2 More, +3 More etc) this refers to people whose profile you cannot see, the most likely reason for this is that they have blocked you.

They will not be able to view your story if they have blocked you so it is likely that they first viewed your story and then immediately blocked you.