What Does Added By Phone Mean On Snapchat?

The ‘Added By Phone’ message on Snapchat means exactly what it says.

Someone has synced their contacts with their Snapchat account and Snapchat has added you as a friend via their phone contact list.

Why Are Random People Adding Me By Phone Number On Snapchat?

One of the problems with the ‘Add by phone’ function is that it doesn’t take into account the fact that people’s phone numbers change.

One of the reasons why random people may be adding you by phone number on Snapchat is if you have recently got a new phone number it could be a recycled number.

What Does Added By Phone Mean On Snapchat

Numbers that are unused for long periods of time are sometimes recycled and given to someone else.

You could have been allocated a recycled number which many people have saved in their phones as another person, they may have then synced their contacts and added you thinking you are whoever the owner of the old number used to be.

The reverse could happen too, a friend could change their number and forget to give you their new number.

They may pass their old phone onto their little sister…or the number may get recycled, regardless you will still have them with the same name attached to their account that you gave them in your phone’s contact list.

So you will be messaging someone thinking they are someone else.

It’s always worth checking someone’s username and bitmojis to check if it matches up with who you think they’re supposed to be!

How To Add Someone By Phone On Snapchat

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Tap your profile icon/Bitmoji in the top left of the screen
  3. Scroll down to ‘Add friends’ under the ‘friends’ heading
  4. Tap ‘Add friends’
  5. Tap ‘Add from Contacts’
  6. Snapchat will request permission to view your contacts, tap ‘Allow Access’.
  7. Scroll through the new contact list to who has Snapchat and who you want to add.