What Are Streaks On Snapchat?

Snapchat Streaks, often just referred to as ‘Streaks,’ are a feature on Snapchat that reflect a continuous exchange of Snaps between two users.

Streaks start when two users send snaps to each other for consecutive days without a break, thereby starting a ‘streak.’

Each day the streak continues, the number count rises, displayed next to a fire emoji on the app.

Streaks are a fun way for Snapchat users to maintain engagement and interaction with their friends.

snapchat streak

Where to Find Your Streaks

Your current streaks can be found in the chat section of the app.

The chat section is accessed by swiping right from the camera viewfinder.

Here, the names of your friends will be listed, and next to the names of those friends with whom you have a streak, you’ll see a fire emoji and a number, representing the length of your streak in days.


How to Start a Snapchat Streak

Starting a Snapchat Streak is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to begin a streak with a friend:

  1. Open Snapchat and swipe right to access your chats.
  2. Choose a friend to start a Streak with.
  3. Send them a Snap. This can be a photo or video Snap. Text chats don’t count.
  4. Your friend must send a Snap back within 24 hours for the Streak to begin.
  5. Once both of you have exchanged Snaps for a full day, a fire emoji will appear next to their name, signifying the start of your Streak.

Remember, to keep the Streak going, both you and your friend need to send a Snap to each other within a 24-hour window each day.

Keeping and Losing Snapchat Streaks

Maintaining a Streak requires commitment from both users involved.

If one day passes without either user sending a Snap to the other, the Streak ends, and the flame emoji disappears.

However, Snapchat provides a small grace period and sends an hourglass emoji (⏳) as a warning when your Streak is about to end, giving you a chance to keep it going.

The Meaning Of A Snapchat Streak

In the realm of social media, Snapchat Streaks have come to symbolize close friendships and constant communication.

Many users consider maintaining a long Streak as a testament to their strong connection with a friend. It’s also a playful way to ensure daily check-ins and keep the conversation going.

The Hourglass Emoji: Your Last Call to Save the Streak

The hourglass emoji (⏳) serves as a reminder that your Streak is at risk of ending.

When you see this symbol, it means you have a short period (usually around 4 hours) to send or receive a Snap to keep the Streak alive.


It’s essentially Snapchat’s way of saying, “Hurry up! Your Streak is about to end!”

Snapchat Streaks and Snapchat Scores

Keeping up with your Streaks also contributes to your Snapchat score – a measure of your overall activity on the app.

Every Snap sent and received, every story posted adds to this score.

While the score doesn’t grant you any specific perks, it’s a fun way to track your usage and engagement on Snapchat.

How to Keep Your Snapchat Streaks Alive

Keeping a Snapchat Streak alive requires dedication. Here are a few tips:

  1. Set reminders: It can be helpful to set daily reminders to send a Snap.
  2. Send morning greetings: A quick Snap in the morning can ensure you don’t forget later in the day.
  3. Keep it simple: Your Snap doesn’t have to be a work of art every time. A simple photo or video will suffice, alternatively here are a few Snapchat streak ideas to inspire your next snap.

FAQs about Snapchat Streaks

  1. What does the hourglass emoji mean on Snapchat? The hourglass emoji is a warning from Snapchat that your Streak with a friend is about to end. To keep the Streak alive, you or your friend must send a Snap soon.
  2. Do chats count towards maintaining a Streak? No, only photo or video Snaps count towards maintaining a Streak. Chats, or text messages, do not keep a Streak alive.
  3. Can I have Streaks with multiple people? Yes, you can have multiple Streaks with different people. There is no limit to the number of Streaks you can maintain on Snapchat.
  4. What is the longest possible Snapchat Streak? The longest possible Snapchat Streak is the number of days since you and your friend started it without a break.

    As of , the world record Snap streak is days.

  5. Do Streaks affect my Snapchat score? Yes, they do. Sending and receiving Snaps to maintain a Streak contributes to your Snapchat score, which is a measure of your overall activity on the app.
  6. What happens when a Streak ends? When a Streak ends, the flame emoji and the number indicating the length of the Streak disappear from next to your friend’s name. However, you can start a new Streak with the same friend anytime by exchanging Snaps again for consecutive days.