Snapchat Bots: How To Stop Them

Snapchat Bots are annoying and sometimes dangerous. It’s important not to interact with them if they add you.

You can stop them from adding you by blocking them, making your account more secure, and by changing your Snapchat username.

Why Do Snapchat Bots Keep Adding Me?

Snapchat bots often add people randomly, they may have found your username or phone number online and this is how they have added your account. Increasing your account’s privacy controls and removing your Snapchat info from other places on the internet can help prevent bots from adding you.
Bots send messages to try to scam users, advertise products or increase engagement.

If a Snapchat Bot adds you it is likely they are trying to scam you or get as much information from you as possible.

It’s important not to interact with bots, instead reduce the risk by blocking them.

How To Stop Snapchat Bots From Adding You:

Bots aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous too. Below are 3 methods to stop Snapchat Bots from adding you.

1. Change Your Security Settings:

  1. Go To The Snapchat App & Head To Settings 

Changing your security settings is one of the best ways to stop Snapchat Bots from adding you, and it’s easy to do.

Open Snapchat and click the gear to the right of the screen to open settings.

tap the settings icon on your snapchat profile
  1. Select Privacy Controls 

Scroll down the settings page until you see ‘Privacy Controls’ heading.

go to your privacy control settings
  1. Tap ‘Contact Me’ And Choose ‘Friends’ 

Find the ‘Contact Me’ option and select it.

contact settings

You will then have a choice of who can directly contact you; “friends”, “friends and contacts”, or “everyone”. Select “friends”.

  1. Press Okay To Confirm 

After choosing “friends”, press okay and go back to the main menu.

This will help reduce the number of adds and messages you receive from bots. 

2. Change Your Username 

  1. Open Snapchat Settings 

If you’re getting a lot of random bot adds, changing your username will get rid of them quickly as they won’t recognize your new username.

To change your username, open the app and go to settings. 

tap the settings icon on your snapchat profile
  1. Select “Username”

Press on “username” to open a new page and then select “change username”.

select your username
  1. Press Okay

A message will appear to let you know you can only change your Snapchat username once a year. Press Okay to acknowledge this and continue with the username change. 

  1. Choose A New Username 

You can now pick a new username and then press next to confirm. That’s it. As your username is different it will stop most bots from adding you. 

3. Block Suspected Bots

  1. Select The Profile of the Bot

If you’ve been added by Bots, don’t send them photos, contact info or any messages. Instead, block them by pressing and holding on their profile name.

  1. Click “Manage Friendship” 

Then select manage friendship to bring up a small menu of options including report, block, remove friend, and edit name.

  1. Select Block 

Block them and do the same with any other bots on your page. Blocking them will stop them from being able to send you messages. 

What Is A Snapchat Bot?

A Snapchat bot is a bot that has been designed to send messages, advertisements, or links to Snapchat users.

Different bots have different purposes but primarily the goal is to generate revenue for their developers in some way. 

Most of the time the bot will be an unknown sender that reaches out to you and asks you to do something, this is an indication the account is a bot rather than a person.

How To Tell If An Account Is A Bot

When you know what to look for it is relatively easy to tell when an account is a bot. Below are 5 signs an account is actually a Snapchat Bot:

  • They Have A Low Snapchat Score 

If an unknown account adds you and you’re not sure if they are a real person, take a look at their Snap Score.

Bots tend to have low scores or no score at all.

  • They Will Send You A Message Immediately 

As soon as they add you they will message you. As bots are trying to get people to click on links, send photos, engage, etc. they will try to get your attention by sending you a message.

  • They Add You Via Quick Add Or A Phone Number 

Bots can only add accounts using a phone number or through quick add.

While people and friends would mostly use the Search feature, Snapcode, or Quick Add.

  • They Have No Mutual Friends 

When you look at the bots profile, there won’t be any mutual friends under the bot’s username.

  • Their Messages Are Strange, Irrelevant, Or Contain Links

Finally, the messages these accounts send are often strange and include links they encourage you to click. 

Can Snapchat Bots Hack You?

No, if you accidentally add a Snapchat Bot not a lot will happen. The bot will do whatever it has been designed to do which usually means they’ll send you a message or interact with your content. 

Bots can be annoying and while they don’t hack your account they are often tied to scams, fraud as well as malicious activities. Most of the time, if you ignore them and make sure you don’t click any links they send you aren’t going to be at risk. It’s best to block bots before they can gain access to your personal information. 

Can Adding Snapchat Bots Increase Your Snap Score?

No, adding Snapchat Bots isn’t going to increase your Snap Score. Your score increases when you interact with other people, as you don’t want to interact with bots due to the risk of scams and them stealing your personal information. Having them as friends won’t benefit your score or profile. 

The best way to boost your Snap Score is to send snaps to your friends, receive and watch the snaps from them and post stories. Add more friends to increase how many people you can send snaps to, unopened snaps won’t contribute to your snap score so be sure to snap with friends who will open your snaps and snap you back. 

How To Get Snapchat Bots To Add You

As bots often send spam links, inappropriate content, or try to sell a product or steal your information they are not something that are good for your account. Some bots are dangerous but if you are careful then bots can be harmless. Below are ways to increase the number of bots that are finding and adding your account. 

If you don’t want bots to add you, avoid the following methods. 

1. Add Bots

You can increase the likelihood of Snapchat Bots adding you by adding bots that send you requests or show up on your friend suggestions. 

2. Follow Bots

You can also follow any bots you see on your Discover page. Simply head to their profile and click follow. 

3. Join Snapchat Groups That Have Bots 

Finally, you can use the search function on Snapchat to find groups that have bots in them. Then you can join these groups.

This will make it easier for bots to find and add you.