What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak Ever?

The longest Snapchat streak ever recorded continues to get longer every day, it belongs to sisters Hannah and Lauren Luckey who first started their streak on the day the feature was introduced on 6th April 2015.

As of , they have a Snap streak of days.

There are likely a number of other people who also hold the same record streak length.

This page automatically updates on a daily basis so that you can see how long their Snap score currently is.

We keep an eye on what they’re up to so if their streak ends we will update the article, but they’ve been so consistent for so long now we would be surprised to see it end anytime soon!

longest snapchat streak, fire emoji on yellow background

Snapchat Streak FAQs:

  1. What is a Snapchat streak? A Snapchat streak is the number of consecutive days two users have exchanged snaps.
  2. How do I start a streak? To start a streak, send a snap to a friend, and have them reply with a snap within 24 hours.
  3. How can I maintain a streak? Ensure both users exchange snaps daily, set reminders, and send engaging content, you can find some fun streak ideas here.
  4. What happens when a streak is lost? If a streak is lost, it must start over from day one.
  5. Does Snapchat have an official streak leaderboard? No, Snapchat does not provide an official leaderboard for streak records.