Is Snapchat Quick Add Based On Location?

Quick Add is a Snapchat feature that suggests potential friends for you to add, it’s similar to other platforms’ “suggested friends”.

To find Quick Add head to your profile page and tap ‘add friends’.

There are several factors that can influence the Quick Add suggestions including your phone contacts, mutual friends, interests, interactions, and location. 

Although location is one of the contributing factors, their algorithm is not publicly available so it is not clear how much it actually impacts the suggestions.

Your location information can help Quick Add suggest potential friends in your local community or suggest people that are attending the same event as you.

Not all suggestions will be location-based and you can opt to turn off location-based suggestions in your settings (see how to do this at the end of this article). 

What Snapchat Quick Add Score Is Based On:

1. People Who You Share Mutual Snapchat Contacts With

A key influence on Quick Add suggestions seems to be your mutual friends.

Snapchat looks at the friends you have on the platform and then suggests people who are also friends with them. 

When you have mutual friends with a suggestion it will give an estimate of how many mutual friends underneath their profile name e.g. “3+ Mutual Friends”. 

You can’t see who these mutual friends are but at least you know why the person has appeared in your Quick Add suggestions. 

2. People Who Your Friends Are Snapping With

Quick Add will suggest accounts that your friends are interacting with frequently if they think their accounts are a good match for you.

The algorithm tries to show accounts that are similar to the ones you and your friends are engaging with.  

3. People Who Are In Your Phone’s Contact List

If you have allowed Snapchat to access your phone contacts, these are used to suggest people who are in your contacts who also have Snapchat.

What Does Added By Phone Mean On Snapchat

For these Quick Add suggestions there will be a note underneath their name saying “in my contacts” so you know this is where the suggestion has come from.

If someone else adds you via Quick Add from their contacts you will see the message ‘added by phone‘ next to their name.

4. Location

Quick Add also uses location to make suggestions. This can mean you are suggested accounts of people in your local area or people that are attending events you are attending.

Location only influences the suggestions if you’ve allowed Snapchat to access your location. 

How To Turn Off Location-Based Quick Add Suggestions On Snapchat

To stop getting quick add suggestions that are based on your location, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Snapchat and go to your profile.
  2. Head to settings by pressing the gear icon in the top right of the screen.
  3. Scroll through the settings and under the ‘Privacy Control’ heading tap ‘See My Location’.
  4. From here you can toggle on Ghost Mode which will hide your location.
  5. You can either turn it off for a few hours or indefinitely until you toggle it back on.