How To Turn On Dark Mode On Snapchat: Android & iPhone

If you are struggling to put your Snapchat into Dark mode, this guide will show you exactly how to do it.

This is easy for iOS users as Snapchat supports dark mode on these devices but unfortunately there is no official dark mode for Android users.

snapchat dark mode

Despite this, there are ways for Android users to force Snapchat into dark mode which we explain below.

How To Turn On Snapchat Dark Mode On iPhones:

1. Open Snapchat 

Open the app as normal, then tap your Bitmoji in the top left corner of the screen. 

2. Go To Settings

On the top right of the screen there will be a gear icon, tap this to open up the Snapchat settings.

3. Scroll Down Until You Find “App Appearance” 

In settings, scroll through the My Account settings until you reach “app appearance”. Click on this and it will bring up your screen appearance options. 

4. Pick Your Preferred Mode 

There will now be three options:

  • Match System 
  • Always Light 
  • Always Dark 

This means you can opt to have the app always in dark mode regardless of the mode your iOS is in or you can have it so it changes to match your phone settings. 

It’s that easy! Your Snapchat is now in dark mode. However, Android users will have to use a different method on their devices.

How To Turn On Snapchat Dark Mode On Android:

Dark Mode is a feature exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers on Android devices (though there is a workaround explained below).

To turn on Dark Mode in Snapchat+ on your Android:

  1. Click on the ‘Snapchat+’ tab in your Profile
  2. Switch ‘Dark Mode’ on by sliding it to the right.

If you don’t have Snapchat+ there are some workarounds that will allow you to use dark mode via your phone settings..

1. Go To Settings On Your Android Device

Go to settings by either swiping down on the screen and clicking the gear icon or by going to the settings app on your homepage screen.

2. Click “Display”

Open the display menu and turn on Dark Mode (this may also be called “Dark Theme”).

3. Turn On Dark Mode For Third-Party Apps

At this point, the menu will show an option to turn on dark mode for third-party apps.

Once you turn this on, a list of third-party apps should appear, including Snapchat.

Toggle on dark mode for Snapchat here. 

(Don’t have this option? Don’t worry, skip to step 5).

4. Go To Snapchat

Now you can go to Snapchat and see if this dark-mode setting worked.

If it didn’t work or you don’t have a “dark mode for third-party apps” option on your device, move on to step 5. 

5. Go Back To The Settings Page 

Return to the settings page. Then, click “System”, followed by “advanced” and “developer options”.

6. Scroll To “Hardware Accelerated Rendering”

Here you should see an option that says “Force Dark mode”. This is used to force apps into dark mode, even if the apps do not have or fully support dark mode. 

7. Open Snapchat 

You can now test to see if it works by opening Snapchat. Even though this is one of the most effective methods we have found to turn on dark mode for Android users, it still does not work for everyone. 

The success of activating Snapchat’s dark mode on Android seems to depend on what system your phone is running on and what Snapchat version is being used.

The only way to know is to try so give the above methods a go and see if they work for you.

Is Snapchat Dark Mode iPhone only?

Dark mode can only be turned on through the Snapchat app on iPhones, but there are ways you can use your Android phone settings to force Snapchat into dark mode. 

On iPhones, Snapchat’s dark mode is off as a default until you either turn dark mode on in your phone’s system or turn it on within the app.

On Android, there is a dark mode on the operating system but not on Snapchat.

This means you don’t have the option of turning dark mode on in Snapchat and there is no official way to turn it on.

With that said, there are ways you can get around this using the system settings on your device. 

The dark mode feature has been highly requested by Android users since it became available to iOS users but despite the many app updates and new features in recent years, dark mode for Android is still not available.  

Does Dark Mode Extend Battery Life?

Yes, dark mode helps to conserve battery life due to the reduced light needed to operate the screen.

This is similar to how reducing your screen’s brightness can help save battery life when your phone is low on charge.

Dark mode is also great for nighttime and when using your device in dimly lit places.

Are There Any Options Other Than Dark And Light Mode?

The only options for device screens are dark mode, light mode, and automatic. If you choose “automatic” the phone will switch between dark mode and light mode for you (for example, turning to dark mode at sunset and back to light mode at sunrise).

You can also create your own schedule for when you want your phone to change from light mode to dark mode and vice versa. 

When it comes to Snapchat, your display options are limited to dark mode, light mode, and “match system” which means it will always be the same as your iOS settings.

For some Android users, the Snapchat app stays in light mode all the time and there is no dark mode option.