How To Join Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus is a premium Snapchat subscription available to iPhone and Android users.

It gives users a number of exclusive features including; a customizable app icon, longer story expiration, a Snapchat+ badge, story rewatch counter, color borders, friends solar system, custom notification sounds and more..

To join Snapchat+ follow these steps:

1. Open Snapchat

..and click on your profile pic/story icon in the top left.

2. Select ‘Snapchat+’

If Snapchat+ is available in your area, you will see the Snapchat+ banner underneath your username.

3. Select A Pricing Plan..

..and click ‘subscribe’.

As of December 2022 their prices are:

Monthly Pricing$3.99£3.99
Annual Pricing$21.99/6 months, or $39.99/year.£30.49 for the first year, then £38.99/year

4. Confirm The Subscription

You will then be asked to confirm the subscription via Google Play, the app store or your payment method of choice.

Simply click subscribe/confirm to begin your subscription to Snapchat+.

5. Enjoy!

Once subscribed you will get a new menu that will allow you to access all of the Snapchat+ features.

If you join and then decide you don’t like it no need to worry as they give you a free 7 days trial before taking any money and it’s very easy to cancel your Snapchat+ subscription.