How To Get The Invisible Filter On Snapchat

If you’re looking to use the Snapchat Invisible filter the quickest way to find it if you’re using a mobile device is to click the Snapcode below to open the lens on your phone:

Alternatively, you can open the Snapchat app and point your camera at the Invisible filter lens in the image above;

Press and hold on to the image and Snapchat will load the Invisible lens.

If you prefer to find your filters manually then follow these steps to find it using Snapchat search:

1. Press The Search Icon

The search icon looks like a magnifying glass and is located next to your profile picture/story reel icon in the top left.

2. Type ‘Invisible’ Into The Search Bar

..and then click the ‘Invisible’ lens by Snapchat.

Top results may feature similar filters which go by the same name, for the original and authentic Invisible lens choose the Snapchat official one.

3. Have Some Fun!

kyriakos grizzly snapchat invisible filter before
kyriakos grizzly snapchat invisibile filter after

If like us this is one of your favorite filters don’t forget to save it to your Snapchat favorites!

Other Lenses & Filters Worth Trying

Enjoyed that filter? Here are a few other fun ones that recommend checking out too:

Lens NameWhat Does It Do?Our Rating
The Cockroach FilterA cockroach crawls around your face and then goes up your nose!★★★★★
The Disney FilterTurns you into an animated Disney-style character.★★★★
The Bald FilterMakes you look bald!★★★★
The Crying FilterMakes you look like you’re crying!★★★★★
The Rainbow FilterMakes a rainbow pour out of your mouth when you open your mouth.★★★★
The No-Beard FilterShows you how someone would look without their beard.★★★★