How To Get The Bald Filter On Snapchat: 4 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to use Snapchat’s ‘bald’ filter the quickest way to use one if you’re using a mobile device, is to click on the Snapcode below to open the lens on your phone:

This will open Snapchat and take you straight to the filter.

If you prefer to find your filters manually then follow these steps to find them using Snapchat search:

1. Open Snapchat & Press The Smiley Face Icon

The smiley face is located directly to the right of the big camera button.

2. Press The Explore Button the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Type ‘Bald’ In The Search Bar..

This search brings up a wide range of filters all of which result in a very similar outcome (baldness!), so choose one you like the look of..

..and then..

4. Have Some Fun!

Do you recognize this guy without his hair?

Other Lenses & Filters Worth Trying

Enjoyed that filter? Here are a few other fun ones that recommend checking out too:

Lens NameWhat Does It Do?Our Rating
The Cockroach FilterA cockroach runs around your face and goes up your nose!★★★★★
The Invisible FilterMakes you disappear!★★★★★
The No-Beard FilterShows a bearded person with a clean-shaven face!★★★★
The Crying FilterMakes you look like you’re crying!★★★★★
The Venom FilterMakes you look like Venom (from Spiderman)★★★★★
The Altitude LensDisplays your altitude.★★★