How To Get The Altitude Filter On Snapchat

So you want to add the altitude filter to one of your snaps?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Take Your Snap

..and then press the sticker button, in the menu on the right of the screen as shown in the image below:

The altitude ‘filter’ is not a filter but a sticker…this is the main reason why people have trouble finding it!

2. Select The Altitude Sticker

It will typically say something like 400m or a rough approximation of your current altitude in meters or feet.

No prizes for working out that this is a snap of a photo, the girl looks like she is a lot higher than 96 meters!

You can tap the sticker to change it from meters to feet if you prefer.

Tap it again to change it to an altimeter (what they have in airplane cockpits).

3. Adjust The Style

Pinch in or out to make it bigger or smaller.

You can also drag or twist it around the screen to adjust the position.

4. Send The Snap

When you’re happy with your snap, hit the next button and send it!

If you liked this filter don’t forget to save it to your favorites!

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