How To Get Rid Of Quick Add On Snapchat

The idea of Quick Add is to connect people on Snapchat but it is often considered one of the more frustrating features of the app.

Although you can’t simply turn off Quick Add, you can adjust your settings to effectively get rid of the feature.

Can You Turn Quick Add Off On Snapchat?

Yes, there is a setting in the Snapchat menu that will allow you to stop appearing in Quick Add.

How To Get Rid of Quick Add:

  1. Open Snapchat and press your profile icon in the top left of the screen.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top right.
  3. Scroll down to find the privacy control section.
  4. Under the ‘Privacy Control’ section find the ‘See me in Quick Add’ option (this should be the 5th option down).
  5. Uncheck ‘Show me in Quick Add’. This means you will no longer appear in people’s quick add suggestions!

How To Get Rid Of Quick Add Notifications

You can turn off friend suggestion notifications on the Snapchat app.

Be aware this is not exclusively for Quick Add suggestions as it will turn off all friend suggestion-related notifications.

  1. Open Snapchat and tap your Bitmoji on the top left.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top right.
  3. Tap ‘notifications’ (it should be about 10th in the menu).
  4. Uncheck “Friend Suggestions” Notifications (it should be 4th in the notifications list).

You will now see a list of notification settings, one of these is “friend suggestions”. Turn this one off to stop notifications suggesting friends.

Reasons People May Want To Remove Quick Add

Although Quick Add has its benefits, there are a number of reasons people might want to remove the feature on Snapchat. These include:

  • Unwanted Friend Suggestions – one of the main reasons people turn off Quick Add is the unwanted friend suggestions. The feature suggests people you may know or want to add and it can be annoying. Some of the suggestions can also be irrelevant or inappropriate which can make users uncomfortable. Not only are you shown these accounts, but your own account is also being suggested to complete strangers too which can cause random people to add you.
  • Privacy – Quick Add suggests friends based on current contacts so users need to upload their contacts to the app. The feature can also be a privacy concern for people who don’t want their friend list shared with others. 
  • Notifications – some users find the Quick Add notifications to be distracting so opt to turn off the feature altogether. 
  • Showing Recently Deleted Accounts – one of the problems users have found with Quick Add is that it suggests people they have recently deleted from their friends’ list. If you’ve deleted someone there’s a good chance you want to forget about them, not have their account suggested on Quick Add. 

In these circumstances, turning off the Quick Add feature can improve the person’s overall experience of the app.

The Benefits Of Quick Add

While some users opt to turn off Quick Add, others find it beneficial. Particularly when it comes to:

  • Finding new friends – the Quick Add feature can help you find new friends based on your contacts which can be great for finding new connections and expanding your reach. 
  • Increasing engagement – as Quick Add is suggesting friends who are likely to be active Snapchat users it can help you get more interactions by engaging with interesting content and having more conversations. 
  • Simple and Efficient – Quick Add makes it easy to add friends as you don’t have to manually search for them. You simply press the add button to the right of the suggestion and the account has been added. 
  • Relevant Suggestions – as the Quick Add suggestions are personalized based on factors such as mutual friends and interests it can provide useful and relevant suggestions.