How To Change The Snapchat App Icon: iPhone & Android

Changing the Snapchat app icon is one of the many features of Snapchat+ available to anyone who has joined the premium service.

If you are a Snapchat+ subscriber follow these steps to change the app icon:

1. Open Your Profile

By tapping the icon in the top left.


2. Tap The ‘Snapchat+’ Button

snapchat+ button

3. Tap ‘App Icon’

It should appear at the top of the list:

4. Choose An Icon

snapchat plus customisable app icons

When you tap your icon of choice a blue dot will appear underneath it to show which icon is currently active.

How To Change The Snapchat Icon If You Are Not On Snapchat+

If you’re not a Snapchat+ subscriber but you want to change your app icon it can be done with a workaround however it is a bit more tricky.

To change the Snapchat app icon without becoming a Snapchat+ subscriber follow these steps:

1. Download ‘X Icon Changer’

2. Open The X Icon Changer App & Search ‘Snapchat’

Then tap the Snapchat icon.

3. Select An Option

You will have three options:

  • Library – this contains some of their own icons you can use as well as any images you may have previously used within the app.
  • Photo – you can use your own photos to create an icon
  • Apps – you can replace the Snapchat icon with the icon of any of your pre-existing apps (confusing but a good way of hiding Snapchat if you need to do that).

Choose the one that works for you and follow the steps in the app to set it up.

As you can see below I decided to try out a photo of a mug on the sofa next to me..

the app lets you edit your icon design

Annoyingly the app icon has a small ‘x’ watermark on it:

custom snapchat icon

..however this can be removed by following these steps:

follow these steps to remove the watermark