How Often Does Quick Add On Snapchat Refresh? Find Out Here

There is no timed refresh on Snapchat’s Quick Add feature, however you can expect the suggested users to change when:

  • You add a new contact to your phone who has a connected Snapchat account.
  • Someone already in your phone’s contact list joins Snapchat.
  • When you add a new Snapchat friend suggested friends from their friends list are added to your Quick Add.

Manually Refresh Quick Add By Clearing The Snapchat Cache

If you want to manually refresh Quick Add you can do so by clearing the Snapchat cache.

Clearing the cache will remove all data that was automatically saved such as stories, memories, or lenses, while this shouldn’t directly impact your Quick Add suggestions many users have found that clearing the Snapchat cache did change who was being suggested to them so it’s certainly worth a go.

To clear the Snapchat cache follow these steps:

1. Tap Your Profile Icon


2. Tap The Settings Cog

tap the settings icon on your snapchat profile

3. Scroll Down To ‘Clear Cache’ Under The ‘Account Actions’ Heading

4. Tap ‘Continue’ (Android) or ‘Clear All’ (iPhone) To clear The Cache

5. Close Snapchat

Fully close down the app (don’t just minimize it).

6. Reopen Snapchat & Check The Quick Add Suggestions

Your Quick Add suggestions may have changed…however they may have not, it depends on who was in your Quick Add list.

This is because Quick Add suggestions are based on:

  • People who are in your phone’s contact list.
  • People who share mutual Snapchat friends with you.
  • People who have shared interests.
  • People that friends in your local area send lots of snaps to.

Clearing the Snapchat cache will have no impact on most of these however, if you are getting a lot of suggestions based on shared interests then you may find that your suggestions change as data about your interests has been cleared from the cache.

Top Tip: If your quick add is all guys (or girls!) and you wanted to refresh Quick Add to get a bit more of a gender mix in there, you can also try: