How Many Best Friends Can You Have On Snapchat?

As a Snapchat user, you can have up to eight Best Friends, these are marked with a 😊’ next to their name in your chat list.

best friends on Snapchat

Understanding Snapchat’s Best Friends Feature

Snapchat’s Best Friends feature is designed to keep track of the friends you interact with most often.

It’s a helpful tool for managing your contacts, especially for active users who engage in numerous conversations simultaneously.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Automatic Updates: Snapchat automatically updates your Best Friends list based on the people you chat or snap with the most. This means that the list can change over time as your interactions evolve.
  • Ease of Access: Your Best Friends are displayed prominently in the Chat section of your profile, ensuring that your most frequent contacts are highly visible.
  • Privacy Ensured: Only you can see your Best Friends list. This provides a level of privacy as your interactions and closest connections are not publicly displayed.

Is the 😊 on Snapchat Mutual?

The 😊 emoji on Snapchat is not mutual.

It is used for up to 8 people who you interact with most on the app, however they may use the app more than you and interact with 8 or more people more frequently than they do with you which means you will not necessarily have the 😊 emoji next to your name in their account.

Is it Normal to Have 7 Best Friends on Snapchat?

Yes, it is normal to have 7 Best Friends on Snapchat.

Snapchat allows you to have up to 8 Best Friends, having 7 best friends or less simply means you don’t interact frequently with 8 people on the app.

What Is The Difference Between 😊 and 💛 On Snapchat?

The yellow heart on Snapchat means that they are the person out of all of your friends who you have interacted with more than anyone else, they are your no.1 best friend.

How To Remove A Best Friend On Snapchat

To remove someone from your Best Friends list on Snapchat, there are two main strategies you can employ.

The first involves blocking and unblocking the user.

This effectively resets the interaction score that contributed to their Best Friend status, but it also erases all prior interactions.

To do this, you navigate to the user’s profile from the Chat screen, select ‘Manage Friendship,’ and choose ‘Block.’

The user can then be unblocked through the ‘Blocked’ section in ‘Settings.’

The second method is to gradually decrease your interactions with them.

As you engage more with other friends, the current Best Friend will be replaced, causing them to disappear from your list.