How Is Snapchat Score Calculated? Find Out Here

Snapchat scores are calculated using a secret equation that includes sending snaps, receiving snaps, posting stories, and other unknown factors.

While the other factors that contribute to your score remain a mystery it is clear the more active you are on the app, the higher your score is going to be.

How does the Snapchat score work?

The Snapchat score increases with every snap you send and receive.

Your snap score is predominantly an accumulation of how many snaps you’ve sent and received.

your snap score can be seen under your snap name

As you can see the Followpedia Snapchat account has a pathetic score of 1, because we have no friends on there and have sent no messages (feel free to add us to cheer us up!).

Factors That Affect Your Snapchat Score

While Snapchat have not revealed the exact equation used to calculate the Snapchat score, it is clear the following factors will increase the score:

1. Sending Snaps

The number of snaps you send is an integral part of your snap score.

You will get a point for every snap you send to individual friends on Snapchat, if you send the snap to multiple people you’ll get points for each individual you send it to (even if it’s the exact same snap). 

2. Receiving Snaps

How many snaps you receive and watch contribute heavily to your Snapchat score too. Remember to open snaps regularly as unopened snaps won’t count toward your score. 

3. Posting Stories

While watching stories doesn’t seem to impact your snap score, posting them does. Posting stories frequently can help boost your score.

4. Watching Discover Videos

Spend time in the discover section of the app (the discover section is found on the stories tab, underneath friends’ stories).

watching snapchat discover videos can increase your score

Watching videos in the discover section can help to increase your Snapchat score.

This will also give you the opportunity to interact with more people which can help give your score a boost.

5. Adding More Friends

One of the simplest ways to increase your snap score is to add more friends so you have more people to send snaps to.

adding more friends will increase your score

If you manage to maintain snap streaks with friends, this can help you get a higher score too.

Can Your Snapchat Score Go Down?

No, you can’t lose snap scores and your score will stay the same if you aren’t using the app. There are occasional glitches that can cause a Snapchat score to decrease but this is rare.

If you notice your snap score is decreasing, update your app to the latest version and this should fix the bug. 

If your score is continuing to decrease after the update, fill out the “report a problem” form found in the Snapchat app.

How To Find Your Snap Score

Log into your Snapchat and click on your Bitmoji (your profile picture on the top left of the screen) to go onto your profile page.

Once on your profile, you’ll see a number underneath your Bitmoji, this number is your snap score (Followpedia’s score below is 1).

your snap score can be seen under your snap name

If you tap on that number, it will show you a more detailed view of your score including how many snaps you’ve sent and received.

What Is Your Snap Score?

How to Find A Friend’s Snapscore

When you go to your friend’s profile you’ll be able to see their snap score underneath their Bitmoji.

You can see any friend’s Snapchat score by going to their profile, unless you’re not on their friend list or they have deleted you. In these scenarios, you won’t be able to see their score. 

To find your friend’s profile, go to the friends section on your profile then click “my friends” and type in the username of the profile you want to look at.

Why can’t I see my friends’ Snapscore?

If you can’t see a snap score it could be because you are not on the person’s friend list, they have deleted you, or the account itself has been deleted. In all of these scenarios, the snap score will disappear. 

If you can’t see a friend’s snap score, you could ask them to add your snap. If you’re on each other’s friend list you’ll be able to see each other’s Snapchat scores.

What Is The Highest Snap Score Ever?

The highest Snap Score ever (to date) is held by user @mustbecris who had a Snap Score of over 320,000,000 as of August 2022.

mustbecris has the highest snapchat score

On his profile he says ‘sub to my profile and send my spotlight pic to all your friends and I’ll help you boost your snap score‘.

This will indeed help boost your Snapchat score, however it will also boost his score too which is probably a big part of the reason that he has such a colossal score!