How Does BeReal Work?

In today’s digital age, BeReal emerges as a breath of fresh air in the realm of social media.

This unique photo-sharing platform encourages users to capture and share genuine moments from their daily lives.

By blending spontaneous notifications, dual-camera features, and innovative reactions, BeReal offers an authentic and refreshing social media experience.

how be real works

The BeReal Notification System

Every day, a notification pops up on the screens of BeReal users.

This alert, aptly titled “Time to BeReal,” serves as a nudge, urging users to capture a snapshot of whatever they’re doing at that very moment. 

The spontaneity of this system is its charm.

While everyone in your timezone receives this notification simultaneously, the exact time varies daily.

This means that while you might be prompted to share a moment at 8 am today, tomorrow’s prompt could surprise you at 11 pm.

Capturing the Moment: Dual Camera Feature

Responding to the “Time to BeReal” alert activates a unique feature of the app: the dual camera.

As users prepare to snap their photo, both the front and back cameras of their device spring to life.


This ensures that users don’t have to choose between a selfie and their surroundings.

By simply tapping on the screen, users can effortlessly switch between the two views, offering a comprehensive glimpse into their world.

Posting on BeReal: The 2-Minute Rule

The essence of BeReal lies in its name – being real.

To ensure authenticity, users are given a mere two-minute window to respond to their daily prompt.

This tight timeframe ensures that the moments captured are as genuine as they come. 

But what if life gets in the way and you miss this window?

While you can still post your moment, it comes with a small caveat: a tag indicating how late you were, ensuring transparency and authenticity in every interaction.

Understanding RealMojis

In a world dominated by emojis, BeReal introduces “RealMojis.”


These are not your average, run-of-the-mill emojis.

Instead of sending a cartoonish smiley or heart, users capture and share their actual facial expressions in response to posts.

This personal touch not only adds depth to interactions but also reinforces the app’s commitment to authenticity.

Engaging with the BeReal Community

Every BeReal post is more than just a photo; it’s an invitation to connect.

Each post boasts a comment section, allowing users to dive deeper into conversations, share insights, and truly engage with the community. 

Who sees your posts on BeReal depends on your audience settings. The options are:

  • My friends only 
  • My friends and their friends 
  • Global 

You can change your audience settings at any time.

Active participation is encouraged on BeReal, usually, users have to share their own post before they can view and comment on others.

However, the new “Unblur” feature may change the way people use the app.  

Join the Authenticity Movement

BeReal is more than just an app; it’s a movement.

A movement that champions authenticity, celebrates genuine moments and fosters real connections.

So, are you ready to break free from the curated confines of traditional social media?

Dive into BeReal, share your unfiltered moments, and connect with a community that truly values the real you.