Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

BeReal, a platform that celebrates authenticity, has a unique approach to screenshots.

The app does notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their post.

However, unlike some platforms that send real-time push notifications, BeReal’s method is more subtle.

bereal screenshot

How BeReal Notifies Users of Screenshots

BeReal’s notification system for screenshots is designed to maintain user privacy without being overly intrusive.

Users won’t receive a real-time push notification, like on some other platforms.

Instead, they’ll notice a small number encased in a box next to the timestamp of their post. This number indicates how many screenshots were taken.
It looks like this:

How to see who screenshotted your BeReal varies slightly between Android and iPhone users:

  • Android Users: The Android version of BeReal offers a straightforward experience. When someone screenshots a post, the post’s owner can simply tap on the screenshot count icon to see a list of users who took the screenshot.
  • iPhone Users: For those on iOS, the process has an added layer. Upon tapping the screenshot count icon, the identities of the screenshot-takers appear blurred.
    To unveil these identities, BeReal prompts users to share their posts on another social network, such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.
    Once shared, the identities become clear within the BeReal app.

Stealthy Ways to Screenshot on BeReal

While BeReal has its mechanisms to notify users of screenshots, tech-savvy individuals have found workarounds.

If you’re looking to capture a moment without the original poster knowing, here are some methods:

  • Using Screen Recording Apps: Instead of taking a direct screenshot, users can record their screen as they scroll through BeReal.

    Later, they can extract the desired frame from the video.
  • The Airplane Mode Trick: By switching the phone to Airplane mode and then taking a screenshot, users can bypass the app’s detection system.

    However, it’s crucial to clear the BeReal app cache and data before deactivating Airplane mode.

    If the cache is not cleared the notification can be triggered once airplane mode is deactivated. 

Remember, while these methods exist, it’s essential to respect the privacy and intentions of other users.

BeReal’s notification system exists for a reason; to ensure users feel safe and authentic in their posts.

RealMojis and Screenshots

RealMojis is one of BeReal’s unique features that allow friends to react to posts in their own way.

Given their fun and often candid nature, many users wonder if screenshotting a RealMoji will send a notification.

The good news is that BeReal does not notify or show screenshots of RealMojis.

So, if you’re tempted to capture a friend’s hilarious or heartwarming RealMoji reaction, you can do so without any concerns.

Which Apps Notify Screenshots?

Understanding how BeReal’s screenshot notification system stacks up against other platforms offers a broader perspective:

  • Snapchat: Renowned for its unavoidable screenshot notifications, Snapchat immediately alerts users when a snap or chat is captured.
  • Instagram: While Instagram notifies users of disappearing photo and video screenshots in direct messages, it doesn’t notify for stories or posts.
  • Twitter: Twitter doesn’t notify users of screenshots at all, whether it’s tweets or direct messages.

This comparison underscores BeReal’s unique position, blending elements from various platforms to create its own user-centric experience.

Enjoy Genuine Interactions Without Screenshots

BeReal is more than just another social media platform; it’s a space for genuine interactions and authentic self-expression.

While it’s fun to capture and share moments, it’s equally vital to respect the boundaries set by the platform and its users.

Before you screenshot, think about the implications and always strive to use BeReal in the spirit of authenticity and respect.